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Speak up as we honor the life of Mr. George Perry Floyd, Jr. – learn about legislative bills in NJ that need your support. [List of Action Items]

Speak Up New Jersey & learn about Police Reform in your municipalities & the state. Ask us anything and Contact Us with your questions!

Fast Facts

Did you know that police officers in NJ weren’t licensed until June 24th 2020? [Learn More]. Learn about the case of Officer Dubiel in NJ that led to a national outcry on these previously antiquated rules in NJ [Read More].

Did you know that 60% of Americans support efforts to hold police more accountable? [Learn More]

What are my rights during a traffic stop? [Learn More]

Did you know that Perth Amboy had a municipal law on its books where a licensing fee of $0.50 is required to ride your bicycle (the law was changed in July of 2021; it’s still against the law to perform wheelies and other bicycle tricks on Perth Amboy streets, or “practice any trick or fancy riding.”)? In 2021, a group of teenagers were arrested and had their bicycles confiscated triggered by this rule. [Learn More] [Metuchen Municipal Ordinance] [Highland Park Municipal Ordinance] [Edison Municipal Ordinance] [East Brunswick Municipal Ordinance]

Can I get pulled over for having an air freshener in my car? Yes! [Learn More]

Can I get pulled over for unobstructive license plate frames? No – as of August 2021 as ruled by the NJ Supreme Court

Where does NJ stand relative to other states in police transparency? [Learn More]

Did you know that police departments regularly pay out more in misconduct claims vs. property damage from protesting? For example, NYPD paid out $69 million in fees for misconduct in 2019 [Data Source 1 and Data Source 2].

Did you know that a 2020 study of Black Lives Matter protest across America found them to be peaceful? [ACLED Data and Harvard Radcliffe Institute Data]

Learn about how reform worked in Newark where in 2020 not a single shot was fired by Newark PD, crime went down and zero dollars were spent on brutality settlements. [Learn More] [Read about the DOJ Consent Decree in Newark]

The Pay Check Project – A comprehensive database including salaries, overtime and outside job payments for 24,000 officers in 2019.

Looking for more fast facts!? Visit 8Can’tWait a project of Campaign Zero.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act [Learn More]

FAQ about NJ Police Transparency Bill 371/A996 [Learn More; S2656/A5301 reference in the document are the 2020-2021 Legislative IDs]

Are there any bills to support Civilian Complaint Review Boards? Yes there are [A1515]. [Learn More]

How do I find my NJ state legislators? [Learn More]

How do I contact my congressperson and federal senators? [Learn More]

Where can I see Use of Force (“UOF”) for my municipality? [Period 2012 to 2016 and NJ Attorney General Database]

Do I have a right to record police interactions? Yes you do, as a witness or otherwise. [Learn More and Tips to Film Effectively]

Can’t the courts fix police transparency? Yes and no. The state AG has issued directives to allow for more police transparency that police unions are pushing back against in courts (currently at NJ Supreme Court). The only way to fix the issue is to change the laws and SPEAK UP about this issue. [Learn More]

I’d like to call on my elected officials to steer clear of taking donations from The Fraternal Order of Police, how do I do this? [Learn More]

What is broken windows policing? [Dr. George Kelling Original Piece and PBS Front Line Information]

What is qualified immunity? [Learn More and ACLU Information]

What is the ACLU’s position on policing? [Learn More]

Action Items – Police Transparency in NJ

Action Item 1 – Be a Police Reform Voter! Reach out to your legislators and let them know that police reform is an issue their constituents care about. [Sample Script for LD-18]

Action Item 2 – Write your own letter to your state legislators [Template 1 and Template 2]

Action Item 3 – Visit our Police Transparency Page to learn more!

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